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What to Look For In A Rehab for Veterans Addiction Facility
March 29, 2022 at 5:00 AM

Within the veteran and active military service community are unique mental health challenges. Addiction and substance abuse are complicated concerns that are often coupled with conditions like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. This can make the recovery process more complex. Especially if a rehabilitation or addiction center doesn’t focus on both broad and individualized therapy programs.

The Department of Veteran Affairs offers free substance abuse treatment for servicemen who have been honorably discharged. Though, the program may not always provide the kind of personalized treatment a veteran needs. What’s more, veterans may also need to wait longer for help than they would prefer.

To help provide insight into what you should look for in a rehabilitation center for veterans, The Valley has put together a short guide.

Specialized Services

Finding out if a treatment center offers specialized services should be the first goal. Substance abuse and addiction are not always the root issue. A rehabilitation center should be equipped to care for and treat co-occurring disorders. At The Valley, our therapists and counselors are highly trained in caring for and treating underlying mental illnesses that may be contributing to addiction.

Furthermore, a rehabilitation center that emphasizes dual diagnosis can help veterans understand the connection between substance abuse and PTSD, learn to recognize and handle triggers, as well as learn how to rebuild relationships with family, partners, and friends.

Residential versus outpatient

When choosing between residential versus outpatient care, it’s important to consider outside stressors. In a residential care program patients are able to separate themselves from their current environment. And be part of a small community of people and care providers who share a common goal. All in a stress-free space. For outpatient care, a patient will need to commute, and they may have to remain in an environment that’s counterproductive to their treatment.

Regardless of what type of care you choose, treating addiction and mental health is an ongoing process. While a residential stay, (like the 30-day program offered at The Valley) will help set a veteran up for meaningful recovery, additional outpatient services may be recommended. Continuing with therapy, for example, is a key part of the healing process. Just like seeing a physician regularly is as well.


Amenities are an important consideration when choosing between rehabilitation facilities. While some rehab centers may only offer necessities, others have amenities that are meant to help you reconnect with things you enjoy. Spending time in a facility with great amenities and activities, and in a beautiful, quiet area can give you the space to help you reconnect with yourself, the people in your life, and the world around you.

The Valley’s residential program offers access to comfortable rooms with flat-screen TVs. We even provide catered meals to ensure you have as comfortable of an experience as possible. Additionally, our facilities are set on 8 acres of serene, natural farmlands. Residents can make use of our exercise facilities for cathartic workouts or visit our gardens for a moment of peaceful solitude. Furthermore, we have an outdoor pool for recreation.

We take pride in the amenities we offer because we believe that, first and foremost, addiction and mental health conditions are best treated in environments where it's possible to relax and slow down.

Personalized Care

People see better results when care is personalized for them. Individualized, personal treatment is crucial, because what works for one person isn’t always going to work for someone else.

That’s why The Valley prioritizes small staff-to-client ratios. That way, our residents receive the compassionate care they need and deserve. In addition, we offer both group and individual therapy. Residents are provided with an individual-focused treatment plan alongside a supportive community environment.

The Valley: A Rehab for Veterans Center that offers Individualized Addiction Treatment

At the Valley, we believe that both personal, high-quality treatment and relaxation are an important part of the recovery process. To learn more about our 30-day program and how we can help you begin a meaningful path to well-being, reach out to us. We’ll be in touch shortly.

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